Hi I’m Eric,

If you’re looking for a …
* US company to handle your Excel needs,
* With NO outsourcing of your private and proprietary data,
* Where every client is assured of our automatic Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA),
* Company trusted by Ford, UnitedHealth, Proquest, and other Fortune 500 companies,
* Where you’ll work with one developer only (no account reps),
* Located in Michigan (Eastern Time Zone),
* Native English speakers who understand American business culture,
* Easy paypal or online credit card payment options,
* No billing or invoicing, just pay as you need,
Then you might have found the right Excel experts for your needs.

Instead of repetitive, boring, manual, data processing, let me set-up Excel’s automation for you.
Excel can batch process the data files you receive, completing hundreds of lines of data, per minute.

If you’d like to know more, poke around the site, send me an email, or click below to see a lot of examples.

Excel VBA Examples