Automated Charts

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Normally we think of charts as static. That is, each chart is made from data in a set of cells. Here we have dynamic charts that are generated at run time – when the worksheet is opened. When the sheet is opened, three Oracle databases are opened, and data is extracted via SQL statements. Then, the chart is created on the fly. The imported data is placed, and VBA code is executed. The VBA code imports the data, adjusts the chart range, and makes adjustments to the chart data (often sorting the data). With the data set-up, the chart is auto-generated. But that’s not the end of the story. Charts can look horrid if they are auto-generated from data that is just dumped into cells. But VBA code can adjust both the data and the chart components so that the user never needs to adjust the chart. That is, VBA macros can insure that data is imported and useful charts will be created without user interaction.