Benefit from 20 Years of Excel Development.

For your Excel/VBA/Macro project, contact ... Eric @ Excel-VBA-Expert

Looking for help with your Excel application or need one written?

Hiring a freelancer allows you to pay for results, get them faster, and get your project started now. To discuss your project today, email me and let's get started.

For over 20 years I've been developing Excel applications - maybe I can develop something for you.

Most of my clients are around the Ann Arbor area. Some small business, some non-profit, some corporate. Past clients include ProQuest, UnitedHealth and the Ford Motor Company. Each needed Excel to do more, work faster, or become a full-fledged app.

See what past clients said ...

“Eric came into a difficult job assignment and took a lot of complex and poorly documented requirements and created a very workable solution,” engineer Wynn wrote. “[Eric's] Top qualities: Personable , Expert and Creative.” - Ford Motor Company

"Eric was helpful in writing effective training modules for our engineers, he assumed a leadership role in meetings, inspiring & motivating others," Senior Engineer Bryan
 wrote. "I would highly recommend Eric for employment. He is a team player and a brilliant software designer." - Ford Motor Company

“Outstanding!,” Product Manager Bittern wrote. “We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you [Eric]. - i3 Global (United Health Group)

"Eric has been a great asset in helping to reduce the file size of RAPT [quoting software],” said Mr. Janczak, Sr. Manager, Proposal Development. “His programming is elegant ... but simple enough that we can use it independently going forward.”

“He has demonstrated a keen understanding of how users … need to work. I have a high degree of confidence in his process; it is thorough and well-documented. I would recommend him without hesitation for future projects." - i3 Global (United Health Group)

“Although Eric is very competent in the programming realm, his real strength lies in his calm demeanor,” Director Burrus wrote. “Eric was able to resolve several issues with his calm and cool manner.” - ProQuest

Eric’s work was exemplary and he proved to be a huge asset to the project,” said Product Manager Burton. “I found Eric to be intelligent, responsive and dependable at all times and I would be thrilled to work with Eric again in the future.” - ProQuest

I've put together a little video of past projects here.

If you're looking to hire an Excel developer, contact me for a free consultation. Thanks Eric

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